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BioCascade Incorporated, founded in 2000, is widely recognized as the premier provider of Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa activity testing for companies involved in the heparin and LMW-heparin industries.

With our automated equipment and validated test procedures, BioCascade has established the industry standard for accuracy and precision in Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa heparin activity measurements.

Serving the research, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, we offer clients accurate and reliable test results from our Arlington, Wisconsin laboratory.

To learn more about our testing services, please contact us by phone, FAX or email. For Kinetichrome™ test kit information, please contact our sister company, Provision Kinetics ( We look forward to serving you.

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"Recognized Heparin Experts Specializing in Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa Activity Testing of Heparin, LMW-Heparin, and Related Products."

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